The Des Moines Police Department has released the 9-1-1 tape of a call that led to the arrest of an officer last Friday for allegedly trying to sexually assault a 22-year-old woman in his patrol car while on duty. Thirty-five year old Maynard Richardson is charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse and non-felonious misconduct in office. The female victim of the alleged assault called police about two hours after the incident.

The dispatcher asked the woman what type of report she wanted to make and she said “An officer tried to assault me.” The dispatcher asked if the officer was from Des Moines and she said “yes” and said it was an attempted sexual assault. The female caller is than asked if she can identify the officer.

She responds that it was officer Maynard Richardson. A police department spokesman says Richardson met the victim on another call and later attempted to assault the woman, who was not injured. Police are not saying why the woman went with the officer and what led up to the alleged assault.

Richardson, who has been a patrolman in Des Moines since December of 2008, is on paid administrative leave while the department investigates the charges.

(Photo courtesy of DM PD)