Record snowfalls have people all over the country cursing the winter weather, but it’s made the owner of one eastern Iowa company very happy. The Yeoman manufacturing plant in Monticello makes snow shovels, and C.E.O. Tom Yeoman says the 20 workers are near the top when it comes to that work.

He says they can assemble approximately 10,000 snow shovels a day and are the second largest winter tools manufacturer in the country. Yeoman says normally at this time of year they aren’t still making snow shovels. Yeoman says ordinarily they would be shipping spring tools like garden rakes and hoes. But this is not a normal winter with big snows hitting areas of the country that don’t usually have to deal with so much of the white stuff.

Yeoman says he’s been getting orders from Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky, as he says it’s been “a very unusual winter.” Yeoman says sales are already ahead of the record the 80-year-old company set two years ago, and says it’s huge for the company with a lot of the business coming in just the last three weeks.

So for now, employees continue riveting snow shovel blades to handles and piling them on fork lifts to be hauled away for shipping to those areas trying to dig out from the record winter.

Read more about the company here: Yeoman website.