It has been over one month since Jonathan Lacina of Grinnell was reported missing from Iowa State University in Ames. A  $10,000 reward has been offered by Lacina’s family but I.S.U. Police Chief Jerry Stewart says they’ve been unable to develop and clues to his whereabouts.

Stewart says no substantive leads have been generated yet, but he says they appreciate people continuing to call in with suggestions of where to search. The 21-year-old student was last seen leaving a party on January 22nd. Stewart says the continue forensic electronic work on computers, but says that takes time.

Stewart says they’ve been getting a lot of help in trying to find Lacina during the past month. He says they have been fortunate to have the assistance of other agencies across the state, including research from the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s intelligence bureau on links to other possible cases. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jon Lacina is asked to contact I.S.U. Police at 515-294-4428.