The former leader of the Christian Coalition was in Iowa tonight, urging members of the Iowa Christian Alliance to help launch a new, “sister” organization in the state. Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, said the “Iowa Faith and Freedom” organization will make sure “God’s people” know where the candidates stand.

“We’re going to tell people that they ought to vote for this candidate because they stand for their values,” Reed said. “We’re not going to leave the express advocacy of the election and defeat of candidates to and the radical left and the labor unions anymore. We’re going to do it and we’re going to see people who share our values serve in positions of public trust from governor all the way down to legislature and the courthouse and school board all over the state of Iowa.”

According to Reed, the “eyes of America” will be on Iowa in 2012 as the state performs a “critical role” in choosing the next president. “But before we ever get to that, we’ve got an opportunity to begin that job in November in Iowa and that job — job number one — is to end the Obama presidency this November,” Reed said. “We’re not going to wait until 2012.”

Reed promised that the national “Faith and Freedom” group he launched last June would match whatever donations were collected tonight from the crowd of about 500 Iowa Christian Alliance members. And Reed told the crowd his get-out-the-vote program to target “pro-life and pro-family voters” in Iowa would take about half a million dollars to run.

Click on the following audio link to listen to Reed’s 20 minute speech. RalphReed