The grace period for drivers caught on camera running a red light in Cedar Rapids ended Sunday, and they will now be looking at a fine of up to $100. Cedar Rapids police spokesperson, Cristy Hamblin says they been sending out warnings to drivers for the last 30 days to prepare drivers.

Hamblin says there are three set cameras and they’ve had 203 cases where pictures were submitted and the department rejected 12 of them. Hamblin says the cameras are designed to increase the safety at certain intersections where there have been right-angle crashes. She says they’ve gotten a lot of response since the cameras went up.

“It’s been really mixed,” Hamblin says. She they’ve received quite a few people who think it’s a good thing as they’ve had a lot of near misses because people aren’t paying attention. And she says there have been people who say it’s another case of “Big Brother” watching over them. Hamblin says they’ve had a lot of “very good questions” about the cameras. Hamblin says those who get caught on camera running a red light can appeal.

Hamblin says they will be able to view the violation and then decide if they want to pay the ticket or appeal. Hamblin says they have seven more cameras that will be going up. The cameras are expected to bring in around $750,000. Red light cameras are also in use in Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Clive and Davenport.

Here’s a city informational brochure on the red light cameras: Cedar Rapids red light brochure