Police in the central Iowa town of Nevada are looking for the driver of a vehicle involved in a weekend hit-and-run crash with a child on a bicycle. Nevada Police Chief Mike Tupper says the 11-year-old boy suffered only minor injuries. At this point, it’s not clear if anyone witnessed the incident or if the driver was even at fault.

“I think it’s safe to say the driver did know they had struck something,” Tupper said. “I don’t know why the driver left the scene. They may have been scared, but they did fail to stop and render aid.” The crash happened around 4:30 Sunday afternoon. The boy described the vehicle as a white car – possibly a Ford Taurus or a mid-size Dodge.

Tupper says the car was driven by a white woman who appeared to be between 50 and 60 years of age. There were two teenage girls in the back seat. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Nevada Police Department at (515) 282-4305.