This is “Severe Weather Awareness Week” and it appears Iowa will be hit with a barrage of potentially damaging storms. National Weather Service Meteorologist Rod Donovan says thunderstorms are expected to develop over southern Iowa this afternoon and gradually spread north.

“What we’re looking at initially is a large hail threat with these storms, however, as the warm front lifts into the state tonight into Tuesday it could turn into more tornado potential and also a heavy rain potential,” Donovan said. This is the first major threat of severe storms this spring and every part of Iowa could be affected.

Donovan says tornadoes could develop overnight, but Tuesday afternoon in particular looks “potentially dangerous.” In addition to the hail, damaging winds and tornadoes, there’s a threat of flash flooding. Donovan says portions of central and eastern Iowa could receive up to three inches of rain through Wednesday.

“That certainly could bring rivers back above flood stage and create flash flooding out there,” Donovan said. “We don’t have crops in the field right now, so there could be quite a bit of runoff with that.”

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