The new federal health care law is going to mean a lot more work for the state’s insurance division, according to Commissioner Susan Voss. Voss says all insurance companies file forms with the state describing their policies, and she says her office will now review those forms to bring their policies up to date.

“We’ll have to have new forms approved because of the adding no more pre-existing conditions waiting periods for individuals, unlimited lifetime maximums of coverage,” Voss says. Voss says her division will be watching to see that insurer’s marketing materials are also updated, although the state does not pre-approve insurance company marketing plans.

The division will be hiring health economists to help with other changes in state and federal laws. She says the legislature approved the hiring of one full-time person as an administrative assistant. Voss says they have some early retirements and one of the people reviews all the forms, so they will move quickly to replace that person.

The insurance division will also oversee a temporary high-risk pool for the uninsured until companies fully implement coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.