One of the rituals of spring returns to Iowa State University in Ames today with the opening of VEISHEA. I.S.U. student Nikki Cordum is one of the co-chairs of the week-long annual celebration of education.

Cordum says there will be barbeques on campus along with college showcases and open houses in the area known as VEISHEA Village. This year’s theme is: “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Tradition.” Cordum says there will be a variety of events, entertainment and food.

The Taste of VEISHEA will be located along Union Drive as well as near the concert location in the parking lot of the Molecular Biology Building. VEISHEA was named in 1922, based on combining the first letters of the colleges at that time — Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics and Agriculture. Cordum says one VEISHEA highlight is the Saturday morning parade.

“Guys and Dolls,” will be the Stars Over Veishea presentation at Stephens Auditorium on Friday and Saturday nights. There’s also the annual Cyclone spring football scrimmage at 2 PM Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium. For more information, visit: “”.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City