The Chicago-based Megabus company plans to start offering twice daily service from Des Moines to Chicago — with some seats offered for one dollar. C.E.O. Dale Moser says they’ll start the service in May. Moser says you book all the tickets on-line and you can search for the dates you want to travel. He says the earlier you book your trip, the better your chances of getting a one dollar seat. Moser says they try to offer a better deal for travel.

He says the pricing works its way up incrementally after all the one dollar seats are sold. Moser says taking their bus is still more economical than alternatives to Chicago, such as the train, flying or using another bus system. Moser says they began the company in April of 2006 with the idea of providing service to hub cities, but there was a void in Iowa.

Moser says they’ve been getting a number of inquiries via the internet from Iowa about the service asking them to expand to Iowa. Moser says they offer amenities that other bus services don’t Moser says they offer double-decker touring buses on established routes, free wi-fi access, plug ins for power to cellphones, laptops and I-pods.

They also offer reclining seats, air conditioning and occasional movies on flat screens, and all the buses are A-D-A equipped. Buses will leave Des Moines to Chicago beginning on May 4th at ten in the morning and at five in the evening seven days a week. For more information go to

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City