Republican candidate Rob Roberts promises that if he’s elected governor, he’ll seek a 10% cut in the personal income taxes Iowans pay. “This is intended to be across-the-board, to apply to all rates and all income levels,” Roberts says. “I think everyone would benefit from this.” Roberts estimates an Iowan who has an annual income of $50,000 would save about $400 under his proposal.

“My proposal will put more money back into the pockets of hard-working Iowans,” Roberts says. “I think that will help families and I think it will help small businesses and you know those dollars turn around multiple times and I think it will invigorate our economy even more.” Roberts has already proposed complete elimination of the state income tax on corporations.

“It ultimately, I believe, will generate much more (tax) revenue to the state of Iowa,” Roberts says, “making it possible then to secondly, then, reduce personal income tax as well.” Roberts argues companies will use the extra money they won’t be paying in corporate income taxes to finance business expansion and hire more workers who will end up paying more personal income taxes to the state. Roberts has been a member of the Iowa House for the past 10 years, representing the Carroll area. He’s been running for governor for the past eight months and timed his promise to cut individual income taxes in Iowa to coincide with April 15th, tax day.

“As people are filing their personal income tax returns they are mindful of just how much money they are paying in federal and state income taxes,” Roberts says. “And so it does bring this to attention in a way that people are thinking about it and it resonates with them right now.” Neither of the other two Republican gubernatorial candidates have proposed cuts in personal income taxes, although both Terry Branstad and Bob Vander Plaats (PLAHTZ) have said they’d push to reduce business taxes, like the corporate income tax and commercial property taxes. All three candidates will appear this Saturday in Des Moines at Iowa Taxpayers’ Day, sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief.

Later today, Tax Day “tea party” rallies are scheduled in cities around the state. Roberts will speak at the tea party rally in Spencer. Rallies are also scheduled in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines, Dubuque, Iowa City, Mason City, Monticello and Waterloo.