Governor Chet Culver said today he’ll sign into law a bill that would set a statewide standard for issuing permits to Iowans who want to carry a concealed weapon.  Under current law, Iowa’s 99 county sheriffs get to decide who can and cannot get a concealed weapons permit. The new law will require a permit to be issued, in nearly every case, if the applicant has taken safety courses and hasn’t been convicted of a felony.

During his stop in Mason City today, Culver said he wants to make sure it’s a fair process statewide for those who apply for a permit.

“I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” Culver said.  “I think we have to level the playing field to make all of the rules universal in terms of concealed weapon permits in all 99 counties and I want to make sure that if people want a concealed weapon permit, and they are eligible for one, that they get one.”

Culver indicated he’ll sign the bill into law on Thursday.

By Bob Fisher,  KRIB, Mason City