Communities across the state are sponsoring events over the next several day in recognition of Bike to Work Week. One of those events is in Iowa City where many University of Iowa students are riding motorized two-wheelers. Angela Saak is a U-I sophomore from Reinbeck.

“I have a moped here and it’s just really convenient for me because I live off campus,” Saak said. Many college students say riding a moped or scooter saves them both time and money.

“It saves me gas money because if I didn’t have a moped, I’d probably be driving my car. The bus just takes too much time, plus a bus pass costs $50 a semester,” Saak said. “It’s about $1.30 to fill up my moped and I only have to do it about once a week, so I’m saving a lot of money.”

Mopeds have become especially popular with U-I athletes, who need to make quick trips from practice to class. Saak says she’s notice a lot more mopeds competing for street space with buses and cars. “Usually I have a helmet…there are some pretty crazy drivers in Iowa City,” Saak said. Mopeds vary in price depending on the model, but a new 50 C-C scooter is generally in the range of $2,000.

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