Drake athletic director Sandy Hatfield-Clubb and women’s basketball coach Amy Stevens were part of a group that recently traveled to Haiti, which is still trying to recover from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake more than four months ago. The trip was sponsored by Meals from Heartland and Hatfield-Clubb says they saw one hospital which serves one meal per day and one school which is serving one meal every other day.

She says the area is decimated and looks like a war zone. Hatfield-Club says the people are still afraid as they experienced a 4.5 earthquake while they were there. She says she didn’t know to be afraid as it felt like a train rumbling, but those who live there headed for the door in fear.

Hatfield-Clubb says there was no way to prepare for the devastation she saw first-hand. Everyone had told her to focus on one thing and not look at the mass of things happening, otherwise it is hopeless. She says Stevens found time to hold a basketball clinic while on the trip.

Hatfield-Clubb says some 40 sixth grade girls who have never played basketball took part and she says it was really a transformation for the girls. They brought along Bulldog shorts and shirts for the girls.