Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be in three Iowa cities Wednesday to help rally Republicans — and help raise money for the Republican Party of Iowa. Gingrich has just written a new book with a title that’s proven provocative, as he asserts President Obama’s “secular-socialist machine” is as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany.

“I think that the victory of a secular-socialist fundamentally changes America in ways that will make it unrecognizable to most Americans,” Gingrich says. According to Gingrich, Obama’s presidency is a “direct threat” to Americans who believe in “the work ethic” and who believe our rights “come from the Creator.” Gingrich calls Obama the “most radical” president in American history.

“Whether you want to describe Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union (or) you want to describe the disruption of the Civil War, these were threats that would have ended America as we have known it,” Gingrich says. “I believe that if you have a continued, driving force that wants to fundamentally center control in Washington, give politicians and bureaucrats control over your life, drive God out of all public discussion — I think the America you end up with is radically different than anything we have been in the last 400 years.”

Gingrich made his comments during an interview with Iowa Public Radio. Gingrich is scheduled to headline a fundraising luncheon in Cedar Rapids for the Republican Party of Iowa. He’ll be the keynote speaker at an American Future Fund event in Davenport Wednesday afternoon, an event that is free and open to the public. Wednesday evening Gingrich is due in Des Moines for a Polk County Republican Party banquet.