Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the Obama Administration’s response to the Gulf oil spill has been “appalling.” Gingrich was in Iowa Wednesday, serving as the keynoter at two Republican Party fundraisers. He held a news conference last night in Des Moines.

“The lack of initiative and the lack of using modern technology and the lack of aggressiveness, both by B.P. and by the United States government, is pretty appalling,” Gingrich said. According to Gingrich, Obama has failed to respond in a “sophisticated way” to the oil spill.

“This is five weeks into this and the president’s had time to go raise money. He’s had time to go campaign. He’s had time to do a wide range of things,” Gingrich said, “except worry about the largest single environmental problem in the United States.” Gingrich is credited with coming up with the “Contract with America” which was revealed just before the 1994 election and helped Gingrich and his fellow Republicans regain control of the U.S. House.

Gingrich said Republicans need to focus on winning this year’s elections, but during yesterday’s news conference, Gingrich hinted that he and his wife are giving serious thought to a “Gingrich for President” campaign for 2012.

“Callista and I will decide in February or March of next year,” Gingrich said. “Obviously, since she went to Luther College in Decorah, she is reasonable familiar with Iowa and she likes being in Iowa and it’s very possible that she’ll spend a lot of time in Iowa.” Both political parties have indicated Iowa’s Caucuses will be the kick-off event of the 2012 presidential race.