If you think some people appear to always be on their phones or on-line — a report from Iowa Network Services predicts Iowans are going be even more connected in the next several years. The company released its “Condition of the Internet” report today.  Mike Eggley, vice president of sales for  I.N.S. and C.E.O. of  netINS , says the report talks about some of the future trends.

Eggley says the bandwidth needs will grow in the next two to five years and a couple of other things will also happen. One of those he calls “ubiquitous video” where “video will just be second nature.” Eggley says the use of video will make ordinary conversations much more high-tech.

“I’ll be able to call you on my cellphone and hit a button, and there you are (on) video, whether you want to do that or not is up to you, you’re gonna see that a lot,” Eggley says. He says I.N.S. is testing a “telepresence system” right now that is very inexpensive but uses H-D quality cameras and crystal clear audio. Eggley says the system would help businesses as you could call someone across the country and talk business with them just like they were sitting in the room.

Another innovation Eggley sees becoming part of everyday life is called “smart home technology.” He says more and more homes will be equipped with cables throughout the house and there are servers in the basement that can handle all different types of devices. Eggley says the devices will be linked to the internet and send you video or audio, allow you to open or close your garage door or control your refrigerator.

Eggley believes it won’t take long for people to embrace the technology. Eggley says it may sound kind of goofy now, but he says the people developing the technology are way ahead of what you and I might think we’d have in our home, and he predicts the smart home technology will take off.

See the full report on the I.N.S. website here: www.iowanetworkservices.com/Business.aspx