An Oelwein police office is being credited with saving the life of a young child. Oelwein authorities got a 9-1-1 call Tuesday reporting that a two-year-old child was choking.

Oelwein police officer, Jay Tommasin, arrived at the scene in two minutes and found the child choking on an object and turning blue. Tommasin held the boy, identified as Talyn Yearous, and performed back blows to dislodge the item caught in his throat. After repeated blows, a marble finally was discharged from Talyn’s throat, and he began to breath again. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Oelwein as a precaution, and later released.

Talyn’s mother, Nicole Pingree, credits officer Tommasin with saving her child’s life. Police chief Jeremy Logan is also praising the officer’s work and notes that his lifesaving act is the fifth life-save in the past eight years for the department.

Roger King, KOEL, Oelwein