Terry Branstad, the Republican Party’s 2010 nominee for governor, is giving few clues about who he might choose as a running mate. “I want to be very thoughtful and deliberative in making that decision,” Branstad says. “Obviously the deadline is before the Republican staten convention which is on the 26th of June.”

Branstad’s pick for lieutenant governor will be formally nominated at that convention. Branstad says he’s looking for a “people person” who shares his “conservative views” on economic and social issues. Branstad indicates there are “several possibilities” from which to choose.

“Certainly I have a lot of respect for the people that ran for governor, both the ones that stayed in through the primary and some of the others that dropped out previously, but there are many others that we will take a look at and consider,” Branstad says. “I want to be very thoughtful about this and it’s an important decision and I want to make the best possible choice.”

Branstad served as lietenant governor for four-year term before being elected governor in 1982. The last four lieutenant governors in Iowa have been women and while one of those was Joy Corning, Branstad’s chosen running mate in 1990 and 1994, Branstad says he does not feel compelled to choose a woman this time.

“I’m certainly going to consider women, but I’m not going to rule out men,” Branstad says. “I think we should choose the best person for that job, so gender is not going to be the primary consideration, but I think there are many qualified women as well as men that I will be considered as I look at who would be the best choice for lieutenant governor.”

 Branstad made his comments Wedneday during a news conference in Ames.

Photo courtesy of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.