Governor Chet Culver says former Governor Terry Branstad will stand in the way of progress if he wins a fifth term in November. 

Culver spoke to delegates at the Iowa Democratic Party’s state convention earlier today. Culver acknowledged there was “work to do” in an election year which is shaping up to be unkind to incumbents.  Culver promised Democrats he would mount a “vigorous” effort to win a second term. Culver, who used the 1981 Rolling Stones classic “Start Me Up” to pump up the crowd, often used phrases like “back to the ’80s” when describing Branstad’s 2010 candidacy.

“We are not going to let Terry Branstad pull the plug on progress in Iowa,” Culver said.

Branstad has criticized Culver’s management of state government and accused Culver of not doing enough to boost the state’s business climate. During his convention speech, Culver touted a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce report which rated Iowa’s economy as the eighth-fasted growing among the states, as well as a Forbes magazine rating which listed Des Moines best place to find a job and start a career in America.

“We are on the right track.  We are moving forward and we don’t want to do backward with Branstad.”

Democrats gave Culver a standing ovation when he mentioned the Iowa Supreme Court ruling which legalized gay marriage in Iowa, an opinion Branstad says should be undone with a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

“Our Supreme Court has spoken loudly and clearly and we’re not going backwards on civil rights in this state. We are going forward into the 21st century, not backwards to the 1980s,” Culver said. “…It is a different generation, a different century and we’re moving this state forward.”

Culver, who is 44, is part of “Generation X.”  Branstad, who is 63, is part of the Baby Boom generation.

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Photo courtesy of Iowa Democratic Party.