Drake University associate athletic director Mark Kostek says “no offense” to the annual Drake Relays, but this week’s USA Track and Field Championships at Drake Stadium will be the greatest track and field meet ever held in Iowa. Over 90 Olympians are scheduled to compete this week, including ten who have captured gold. 

“Obviously I don’t want to discount the Drake Relays…but this is the championship of the U.S.,” Kostek says.

He predicts as many as 20 records could be broken in this weekend’s competition, “if the weather holds up.” 

All of the best athletes in the United States track and field will be here this weekend, including 93 former Olympians, nearly three dozen of whom won medals.  “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be hosting an event of this magnitude,” Kostek says. 

Since 2010 is a non-Oympic and non-World Championship year, this will be the biggest meet many of the athletes compete in this season. The event begins Wednesday afternoon at Drake Stadium.