As Drake University hosts the USA Track and Field Championships this week officials have their eyes on the ultimate prize, the chance to host the U.S. Olympic Trials. Doug Logan is C.E.O. of USA Track and Field and says while Drake Stadium will be considered in the future he does not view this week’s championship as a “trial run”.

Logan says the more good things they see, the better they impression they get, but he says it is now way an evaluation. He says they just want a good event, and says it looks like the weather may not pose many problems. Logan has no doubts the Drake can handle a championship meet.

He says they’ve hosted a great event for 101 years with the Drake Relays, so it’s not that big a step to host this event. Former Oregon standout Galen Rupp will bid for a second straight 10 thousand meter title on Thursday night and the hot weather will affect race strategy.

Rupp says it will likely be a slower, kicker’s race, as he says with the heat there’s less chance that people will go out ahead because they are afraid of dyeing at the end.

Rupp says in a championship meet it does not matter what your time is. He says it’s all about competing and winning, and says a fast time is great, but overall you just want to beat everyone else.