A group that seeks to elect Democratic women who support abortion rights to public office has endorsed the woman from Iowa who is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Chuck Grassley. EMILY’s List has endorsed Democrat Roxanne Conlin’s candidacy.

The president of EMILY’s List calls Conlin a “fighter” who would take on “powerful special interests.” The group called Conlin’s opponent, Chuck Grassley, a “career politician” who was too focused on winning the next election. A news release from EMILY’s List called Conlin a “lifelong champion for women’s right” and noted Conlin’s work as an attorney and her status as the first woman to be president of the national association for trial lawyers.

In 2008, EMILY’s List endorsed Becky Greenwald, a Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Republican Congressman Tom Latham, saying Greenwald would be the first woman elected to congress from Iowa. If Conlin’s elected this November, she would break that barrier, as Iowa has never elected a woman to congress or the U.S. Senate or as governor.

EMILY’s List also was active in Iowa in the months leading up the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. The group backed Hillary Clinton’s bid for president and created a website called http://www.yougogirl.comto explain the Iowa Caucus process to women who’d never attended a Caucus.