There’s been some drying time across the state and Iowa Department of Transportation spokesperson, Dena Gray-Fisher, says that has allowed nearly all of the state roadways that were closed by flooding to reopen. Gray-Fisher says the only state road that is still closed in Iowa Highway five in Warren County near Hartford, and only one lane is closed.

Gray-Fisher says roadways have to be inspected after the water covers them. She says one of the things they take a look at are the bridges to be sure they haven’t been undermined, and they also look for erosion of the roadway and the shoulders of the road. Gray-Fisher says the heavy rains recently caused some roadways to be closed very quickly, and she says you should be aware of the conditions in your area.

Gray-Fisher says there continues to be flood warnings throughout the state, and she says with more rain forecasted for tonight, there are many rivers at or near flood stage, and conditions can change. Gray-Fisher says don’t take any chances in driving through water that covers a roadway.

“Turn around, don’t drowned, that’s the message we always want, you never know what could be under that water,” Gray-Fisher says. While the damage from the recent flooding isn’t expected to be major for most state roads, Gray-Fisher says county roads have suffered much more damage — especially the gravel roads.