The two Republicans who’re running for attorney general and secretary of state say the state of Iowa should take some steps to crack-down on illegal immigration. Brenna Findley is the Republican nominee for attorney general.

“I think it’s important that we do enforce immigration law and particularly with respect with criminals or people who come into contact with the criminal justice system,” she says. A recently enacted Arizona law directs Arizona law enforcement to more actively pursue suspected illegal immigrants.

Findley says she supports “what’s behind” that Arizona law, but would suggest state legislators here tailor a law to fit the needs of this state. “I would seek to enforce the immigration law where it made sense, to make sure that we’re protecting jobs for Iowans — for legal workers,” Schultz says. “…I would just start with criminal situations whether it’s criminal stops or other interaction with our criminal justice system to be sure that the person encountered is either lawfully present or a U.S. citizen…If that criminal can be deported or no longer living in Iowa, they will no longer be committing crimes in Iowa.”

Matt Schultz, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, would like to see Arizona’s law adopted in Iowa. And Schultz says if he’s elected, he’ll beef up the Iowa secretary of state’s website to help businesses figure out how to check with the federal government to see if a potential employee has a valid Social Security number and is in the country legally.

“At least create a layer of protection for Iowans,” Schultz says. “What I’m proposing is having a landing page where you could click as a H.R. representative or as a small business owner to figure out where to go to the federal website and then to have webinars and YouTube videos on how to use it so that’s more user-friendly for Iowa businesses.” Schultz and Findley made their comments this afternoon during taping of the Iowa Public Television program, “Iowa Press.”

Schultz faces Democrat Michael Mauro, the current secretary of state, in November. Findley is challenging Democrat Tom Miller, the current attorney general, on the November ballot.