The Waverly-Shell Rock softball team will try to lock up the Northeast Iowa Conference title this evening at home against Decorah. Coach Merle Whitcher’s team has a five game lead in the standings with six remaining.

Whitcher says most of the team has been in place the last three years and they have grown and built each year and taken advantage of the experience with some close wins.

Whitcher says two years ago they made it to the state tournament and it was thought they had done so early. Whitcher says the Go-Hawks power hitting lineup put a lot of pressure on opponents. He says a lot of teams have to bunt because they don’t have power, and the threat of his team scoring runs can keep other teams away from the bunting game.

Whitcher says their depth and power makes the threat of the long ball a constant factor that other teams have to face.

Waverly-Shell Rock is 26-1 overall.