A 28-year-old Dubuque man is in jail in Wisconsin, charged with attempted homicide and drunken driving for trying to run over another man — in a parking lot that’s about a block away from a police station. According to police in Neenah, Wisconsin, Bryce Hinkel of Dubuque had blue-green lips, tongue and teeth when he was arrested.

Hinkel told police he’d been drinking food coloring. A woman told police Hinkel had been drinking vanilla extract and vodka, too. That woman had a child with Hinkel. She told police Hinkel had threatened to kill her former fiancee. Hinkel confronted a 42-year-old man in the parking lot and tried to run over him.

Police say Hinkel ran into some parked cars and a nearby building instead. The Dubuque man faces his fourth drunk driving offense in five years. He could be sent to prison in Wisconsin for up to 66 years if he’s convicted on the drunk driving and attempted homicide charges.