A map that shows the availability of broadband internet across the state is now available. Iowa Utilities Board spokesman, Rob Hillesland, says the map was created through the group “Connect Iowa.” Hillesland says the map will put the information in the hands of government and policy officials to let them know the availability of broadband internet, it’s speed, the providers of the service, and the type of service — whether it’s via wireless or cable for example.

Hillesland says it will be a good tool when decisions are made where to spend money on expanding service. He says it will also help providers. Hillesland says it will let them see the areas to target for new service, and a final benefit is that it will allow the public to find the providers of the service and information about them. Hillesland says the website also might spur more Iowans to get connected.

Hillesland says the vast majority of the state has broadband availability, but approximately one third of Iowans who have the service available to them are not yet connected. He says the site can show them how easy it is to get the service and get connected.

You can see the map at: www.connectiowa.org.