The cost to get a U.S. passport will increase Tuesday. Jasper County Recorder, Nancy Parrott says the increase will bump the cost over $100 dollars for both adults and children. She says the adult passport cost of a book increases $35 to $135 dollars, and for anyone under 16, the cost increases $20 to $110.

The cost of passport cards are also going up. Parrott says the card allows you to travel by land or sea to Canada, Mexico and some islands, but if you travel by air, you need a passport book. The cost of the cards for kids increases by $5 to $40 overall and for adults by 10 dollars to $55 overall. Parrott says the county recorders will not get any extra money from the increase, as it all goes to the federal government.

Parrott says they receive $25  for the execution of a first-time passport, and they don’t get any fee when a person renews. Parrott says it usually take four to six weeks from the time you order a passport to receive it.

By Randy Van, KCOB, Newton