Contrary to media reports, the website says an Alton Iowa native, known globally for his Hour of Power broadcasts, is not retiring. Schuller’s daughter, Shiela Schuller Coleman, writes that on Sunday, an article was written and printed by a local Southern California newspaper.

It was picked up by other newspapers and disseminated all over the wires that her father, “Robert H. Schuller was stepping down”; that he was retiring. Coleman says the article is completely false. What really happened, says Coleman, was that the Reformed Church in America, California Classis, commissioned her Sunday morning, officially as the Senior Pastor/Lead Pastor for the Crystal Cathedral Congregation–a role that Coleman says she has been filling unofficially for the last year.

In Coleman’s comments following the commissioning ceremony Sunday morning, she says she made it very clear that nothing was changing as a result of the commissioning service. She says it was merely an affirmation of the denomination. Coleman says she also made it clear that it was her call to stand beside my father, to pray for him so he can quote, “continue to preach his unique and positive message from this pulpit for the rest of his life.”

By Scott Van Aartsen, KIWA, Sheldon