While there’s a popular bicycle ride across Iowa next week, a lesser-known motorcycle ride treks into eastern Iowa today as part of a four-day, 670-mile adventure.

The group is called Women in Motion and some 25-to-30 members will leave Madison, Wisconsin, this morning for the trip to Clinton, then heads to Lacrosse, Wisconsin, and then to northern Wisconsin and then everyone heads home.

One of the organizers of the trip, Vicki Sanfelipo, says Clinton was not in the original plans for a stop, but they were impressed by the friendliness of the community while checking the route and decided to make an overnight stop.

She says one of the main goals of the ride is to raise funds and awareness about a program for motorcyclists called “Accident Scene Response.” It trains motorcyclists on some of the basics of what to do when they encounter a crash on the road and how to handle the situation until professional help arrives.

Various events are held at the overnight stops to encourage the community to join the group and learn more about them. Many stops on the route are geared towards local Harley Davidson shops. Learn more at: www.accidentscene.org

Dave Vickers, KROS, Clinton