The Republican gubernatorial candidate who finished second in the June 8 Primary will hold a news conference tomorrow morning, perhaps to make an announcement about his political future. 

Bob Vander Plaats said in late June that he planned to “stay in the game” because he owed it to a lot of people to “be their voice” on key issues.

Vander Plaats has not endorsed Terry Branstad, the Republican Party’s nominee for governor. Vander Plaats, who won about 41 percent of the vote in the June 8th primary, has said there is a “divide” within the G-O-P that Branstad does not acknowledge. 

Vander Plaats hasn’t ruled out running as an independent candidate in the fall either. In late June, Vander Plaats said he would run as an independent candidate if he has a “clear chance of winning” and if it’s the “only way to be a voice and a champion” on issues like gay marriage. 

Friday’s news conference is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m.  It will be held at the statehouse and, if Vander Plaats has decided to run as an independent candidate for governor, he’d drop off petition signatures at the statehouse.