Brett Favre’s return to the Minnesota Vikings has ended Sage Rosenfel’s bid to become the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. The former Iowa State standout passed for 310 yards and three touchdowns in the Vikings’ win over the St. Louis Rams in their pre-season opener but says he understands the team’s desire to bring Favre back.

“Brett had one of the great years in NFL history last year…and if he wanted to come back, a team obviously would want a player that had a career year, one of the greatest of all time,” Rosenfels says. He says all he can do is continue to get better. The Maquoketa native says while Favre’s return has a big impact on him there is nothing he can do about it.

Rosenfels says, “You know we all love the NFL, but the NFL loves nobody.” He says all you can do is work to be the best player you can and he says you can’t sit around and worry about all the possibilities, you just have to worry about your game.

Rosenfels says he is only focused on what he can do. He says sitting around being worried and frustrated would make him a worse football player and he can’t have that and the team can’t have that.

The Vikings next pre-season contest is Sunday night at San Francisco.