Two teams with recent state titles collide in an eight-man contest as 2007 champ and ninth ranked Stanton hosts 2008 champ and top ranked Lenox. Stanton coach Don Hicks says the first game always generates excitement and sets the tone for the rest of the year. He says after losing 34 seniors over the past three years the numbers are down.

They used to have about 40 guys out, but now have 20, and that leaves them with less depth, but they still have quality players. Hicks says with a bunch of new starters he is not sure what to expect. He says some days they look good and other days he thinks they may be in trouble, but you never know until the games.

After making it into the class A playoffs last season BGM (Brooklyn) opens with a visit to class 2A top ranked Iowa City Regina. The Bears open the season ranked sixth in the Radio Iowa poll and while coach Jarrod Burns says it is great for the community it is not good for the team. Burns says they have a lot of j-v kids who haven’t played a lot of varsity games and the last thing they needed was to get a big head.

Burns the new starters will be tested immediately as there is a big jump between j-v and varsity. He says they hope to keep the game close with a chance to win later.

By John Martenson KGRN Grinnell