Iowa State University’s public safety director, Jerry Stewart, says football fans could see a triple threat tonight, and it won’t have anything to do with the football game on the field. Stewart says motorists will face traffic from three sources as they make their way to Jack Trice Stadium.

Stewart says one is the Farm Progress Show traffic in nearby Boone, the second is normal traffic from the business community as workers head home, and the third is a cross country meet that’s being held west of the campus in the fields off Mortenson Road.

Stewart says you also may find your favorite parking spot is not available due to flooding and recent rains. He says they lost about one-third of two lots they use to flooding, and the recent rain exacerbated the situation as lots G-4 and G-5 became lakes of water in the recent rains and won’t be available. Stewart says start out as early as you can and think about taking a different route to get into the game.

Stewart says people coming in from the north and northwest have fewer problems than those coming from the south and east, so staying away from I-35 northbound and Highway 30 westbound is “pretty solid advice.” Once you get to the stadium, Stewart says things will be the same as they have in the past.

Stewart says he’s not aware of any changes to rules on what is allowed in the stadiums and parking lots. He does say they are not encouraging people to bring buses and large R-V’s as those will be tough to park on the grass lots. Stewart says they will have for this game only, a shuttle bus running from the K-Mart parking lot that will begin at five p.m. and run after the game. Iowa State takes on Northern Illinois at seven p.m.