The Fort Dodge Regional Airport is the setting for a sky diving convention this Labor Day weekend. Steve Lawyer from Des Moines is one of the organizers. Lawyer says they expect some 600 sky divers.

Lawyer says it’s the largest sky diving gathering in the country and may be the largest in the world. They started Thursday and will go through to Monday. Lawyer says they started with six sky divers in a Des Moines club and kept expanding the convention. They then needed to find a bigger place to hold the convention.

He says the leaders of the club were searching for an airport that could handle the airplanes and people needed for the convention, and they settled on Fort Dodge. Lawyer said that the sky divers encourage everyone to come on out and perhaps get the chance to take a dive.

Lawyer says they offer tandem jumps for anyone who wants, they also have a spectator area where you can watch the jumps and see the jumpers land in front of you. You can also make a jump and have it video taped. The theme for this year’s conventions is “Dollar Days Couch Freaks Boogie. There is more information on this sky diving event at: or at:

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City