The Nebraska man who faces charges in the drunk driving deaths of four motorcyclists in southwest Iowa last month has turned himself over to authorities in Harrison County. Twenty-one-year-old Andrew Schlictimeier of Murray, Nebraska, is facing four felony counts of motor vehicle homicide in the August 9th deaths of the motorcyclists.

All four were killed by a pickup truck that ran into them head-on on Interstate-29 near Little Sioux as they returned from the Sturgis Rally. Steve Lefler, the attorney for Schlictimeier, says he hopes his client’s voluntary surrender will work to his advantage. Lefler says, “Andrew has chosen not to make Iowa go through the extradition process.” He says Schlictimeier turning himself in should show the judge that he is not a flight risk.

“Andrew has shown his good faith that he is not going to run and take off,” Lefler says. “We’re hoping a judge would consider reducing the bond.” Under Iowa law, Schlictimeier would have to post the entire bail amount or pay a bondsman $60,000 to be let out of jail. Lefler says he is asking the judge to consider Schlictimeier’s cooperation and would like to see the bond cut.

He says, “We’re hoping that a judge would consider, number one, reducing the bond and then allow the family to post the 10-percent that we’re accustomed to in Nebraska.” In Nebraska, Schlictimeier would need $20,000 to be released from custody. Schlictimeier was charged Friday and was given until noon on Saturday to turn himself in.

Authorities say following the accident, toxicology reports show his blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit.

By Karla James