Iowa’s fall foliage may not be as brilliant this year because of the extreme weather that occurred in the spring and summer. Iowa State University horticulturist Richard Jauron says the heavy rain will knock some of the brightness out of the usual fall colors.

“We’re seeing a lot of leaf diseases and I think that is going to impact their color,” Jauron said. “They’re going to drop a little bit early and they may not develop that nice color because of that disease.” Clear, sunny days and cool nights usually contribute to brighter leaves in the fall.

Mark Vitosh is a forester with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “Some of the reports I’m getting from up north is they’re seeing leaves already fall off or not look so good,” Vitosh said. “My initial guess is it may not be as brilliant as we’re used to.” Vitosh says the sugar maple, black maple and red oak trees usually produce some of the most vibrant fall colors in Iowa.