The cost of the fuel used by a majority of Iowans to heat their homes should not be much different than last winter according to an energy company official. Alliant Energy spokesman, Justin Foss, says natural gas prices are looking pretty stable. Foss says they expect natural gas prices to mimic last year’s rates, and last year’s rates were about the lowest seen in five years.

Foss says there are a couple of factors impacting the price. He says there have been relatively few hurricanes this summer to interrupt the harvest of natural gas. Foss the down economy is a plus for the natural gas supply, as industries are not using as much natural gas. Foss says heating bills should be similar to last year — unless there are long cold stretches.

Foss says one thing that impacts the cost of heating your home is cold weather. He says the colder weather causes you to use more natural gas, and bills go up. Foss says his company provides energy audits to help you find ways to save money on heating. Alliant is the second largest natural gas company in the state.