The Internal Revenue Service says a key deadline is coming up next week. I-R-S spokesperson Lois Lerner says those who sought extensions on their 2009 tax filing are one of the groups facing a deadline.

Lerner says there are about 10-million people nationwide that asked for extensions and have until October 15th to file. She says nonprofit organizations must also file to preserve their status. There are more than 3,600 non-profit organizations on list of those that have not filed.

She says those organizations could lose their tax exempt status if they don’t file by October 15th. Lerner says they’re hoping all individuals who got an extension will file.

Lerner says the fastest and easiest way to file is to do so electronically on the I-R-S website. She says you can file for free and if you’re due a refund, you will get it back faster. Lerner says people who have already filed for 2009 can make things easier when filing for 2010 by checking their withholding now.

Learner says most of us have withholding taken out of our checks and you can check at and use the withholding calculator to see if you have been taking out enough money. Lerner says if you adjust your withholding now, you can avoid having to make a big payment when taxes are due.