Volunteers across Iowa and around the world are preparing for a one-day event focused on curbing climate change. Organizers will host activities in their local communities during what’s billed as the “Global Work Party” on Sunday, October 10.

Hillary Williams has organized an event in Des Moines that involves building compost bins for a community garden. She says the goal is to get people to take small steps toward reducing global warming. “If all our actions can multiply to these negative consequences on the climate, then I have to hope all our actions could multiply in positive ways also,” Williams said.

“One day is not going to turn around climate change, but perhaps it’s a starting point for many individuals to do many individual actions that add up to something.” Other Iowa projects include prairie restoration in Alma, a prayer gathering for climate solutions in Davenport, tree-planting in Dubuque and a bike ride and festival in Iowa City.

Williams made her comments on the Iowa Public Radio program The Exchange.