The group that’s backing the 21-only ordinance in Iowa City is reporting more than 100 yard signs were stolen from yards over the weekend. On November 2, voters in Iowa City will decide whether or not to repeal a city ordinance that bans anyone younger than 21 from entering bars after 10 p.m.

The age limit had previously been 19. Nick Westergaard, campaign manager for 21 Makes Sense, claims the theft his group’s yard signs is an effort to “muffle” support for the ordinance. Westergaard says his group is working to replace the signs. The leader of the campaign that’s asking voters to repeal the 21-only ordinance is condemning the thefts.

Matt Pfaltzgraf with Yes to Entertaining Students Safely (YESS) says he hopes the people responsible for the thefts are caught and prosecuted.