Democratic Governor Chet Culver says he welcomes the crew of Republican governors who’re flying into Iowa today to rally with Terry Branstad, the Republican candidate for governor. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney rallied with Branstad yesterday in three cities, but Culver says this series of events should have “zero” impact on Culver’s race with Branstad.

“He starts his tour with a presidential candidate who is Mr. Wall Street himself, Mitt Romney. He made tens of millions of dollars on Wall Street,” Culver says. “He couldn’t be helping me more by reinforcing the choice.”

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal plan to rally with Branstad at 11 o’clock in Newton. While Jindal has said he’s not interested in running for the White House, Pawlenty and Barbour are potential Republican presidential candidates in 2012.

“I mean this is about Iowa. This isn’t about, with all due respect, Mitt Romney and 2012,” Culver says. “You know, this is about Main Street Iowa today and I love the contrast.” Culver made his comments to a small group of reporters early this morning in Des Moines.