Iowa’s Attorney General says he has reached an agreement with the state’s largest supplier of propane after complaints last winter about the company’s pricing policies. Attorney General Tom Miller says the problem happened when contracts with Ferrellgas ran out and the company then switched to the market price of the heating fuel.

This led to bigger bills than the customers expected and some customers said they had been charged one dollar over the market price. Miller says the company has agreed to do more to let customers about the pricing. (see agreement below)

Miller says the company will make their policy available annually to consumers, and when consumers request it, they will give information about their pricing policy. Miller says the company will also send out a notice to customers when a contract is set to expire, so customers can check the current market prices.

Miller says that will allow consumers to find out about the current prices and that can deter the company from any kind of price gouging. He says consumers will be able to go to another supplier if they believe Ferrellgas is charging an unfair price. The A.G. says around 10% of Iowans heat their homes with liquid propane.

See the agreement here: Ferrellgas agreement PDF