Two groups that investigate “paranormal” activities will present the results of their latest adventures in north-central Iowa tonight (Saturday). Denise Mendenhall, of the Fort Dodge-based Researchers in Paranormal Phenomena, says they’ll offer a “ghost tour” of Wilson Brewer Park in Webster City.

They’ll be looking at various buildings in the park, discussing some of the history of the park and the research they’ve performed on the paranormal in the buildings. Mendenhall says their work involves searching for things that are paranormal, or not normal. She says their research requires the use of all sorts of electronic gadgetry.

“There’s a lot of groups out there now that are on television,” Mendenhall says. “You have things like your EPDs that you use with digital recorders and your DDRs with night-vision cameras. You spend a lot of time analyzing evidence over the course of many, many hours.” Mendenhall said her team found some interesting things at the Wilson Brewer Park since last Halloween.

“There’s a little story about me being thumped in the head,” she says, laughing. “There’s people being touched. There’s a bit on the history from a team member that was able to be correlated with the buildings and a psychic has done a some walk-throughs and she’s come up with some things as well.”

 The other paranormal group taking part in the event is Hauntings Today from Webster City. Ghost tours run at 7 and 9 P.M. There is an admission charge of $2 per person and $5 per family. For reservations, call 515-297-3498.

Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City