Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller was reelected to an eighth term in office Tuesday, but many of his colleagues in other states will be replaced in January. Miller, a Democrat, works closely with other attorneys general on a number of matters. He touched on that in his victory speech Tuesday night.

“When we go back to work, we’ll work on the issue with the 50 state attorneys general concerning foreclosures relating to the affidavits, notaries and related issues,” Miller said. The Mortgage Foreclosure Multistate Group was formed in October. Miller was appointed leader of the group that’s charged with investigating improper mortgage practices.

“I’m the chair and point person for the 50 attorneys general and we have such an important role with the federal government on this,” Miller said. A few of the executive committee members on the multistate group will be replaced next year, but Miller doesn’t believe the changes will affect the group’s overall work or his leadership role.