The 33rd Annual National Farm Toy Show is being held in northeast Iowa this weekend. Show manager Lori Aberlee says the event will bring thousands of people to the town of Dyersville.

“It’s a lot of farmers who have a lot in common. There’s old machinery that their parents had. Just a lot of nostalgia, I think,” Aberlee said. More than 200 exhibitors are taking part in this year’s show.

“We’ve got one from England, one from Canada and probably 30 to 40 states,” Aberlee said. The show is held at several different locations, including Beckman High School and the Farm Toy Museum. Roughly 75-percent of the farm toys are Ertl replicas and date back more than 50 years. The National Farm Toy Show opened today and runs through Sunday. An auction is scheduled for 10am Saturday.

By Janelle Tucker, KMCH, Manchester