After winning a sixth term in the U.S. Senate in last week’s election, 77-year-old Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley says he’s not ready to slow down. Grassley, who still jogs three miles a day, will be 83-years-old at the end of his next term and says he’s not even thinking about retirement yet.

“I think you ought to ask me that question four years from now,” Grassley says. “Right now, I’m focused on doing the job I was elected to do, going back to Washington to solve the issues of the economy, jobs and the legacy of debt that hangs over our young people.” Grassley defeated Democratic challenger Roxanne Conlin by a wide margin, 64% to 33%, and Grassley says there’s nothing he’d change about the way he ran his campaign.

“One of the things that made my campaign stand out from others was that I didn’t have to use any negative advertising and I didn’t,” Grassley says. “It stood out as the only campaign that didn’t do negative advertising and from that standpoint, I think I’ve been praised by more people on that point than any other one thing in my campaign.” Grassley says, “We ran our campaign as if it was the toughest campaign I’ve ever had in the last five (campaigns) and it was the toughest campaign I’ve had.”

He says the result was much better than anticipated, adding, he’d expected a year ago to win, just not by a nearly two-to-one margin.