Sac County officials are waiting for tests to determine the cause of death for a Tennessee man found in his car after a snowstorm. The Sac County Sheriff’s Department says the body of 46-year-old Earl Ealey of Clarksville, Tennessee was found in a car that had been towed to a storage building in Early in mid-November.

Ealey’s car had been towed after the D.O.T. reported it was locked and snow covered and posing a traffic hazard during a snowstorm on November 13th. His body was found inside a few days later. Family members say Ealey had some medical and mental health issues and believed he might have been in Iowa to find an old Army buddy.

The Sac County Sheriff Ken McClure says says Ealey’s body was found reclined in the driver’s seat with his keys in his jacket pocket. The heat was turned off, but set on high. Ealey had his cellphone and the last call was to a friend in Tennessee two days before the snowstorm.

By Jeff Blankman, KICM, Carroll