The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has charge four men in an elaborate deer poaching operation in Audubon County. The D.N.R. says the men were staying in a camper on property where they had permission to hunt.

They would illegally shoot deer and then take them to a shed hidden in the middle of a field where they would butcher the deer and pack the meat in a cooler. They took the head and hides of the deer to another building for storage.

The D.N.R. observed the operation after a call to the Turn in Poachers Tipline. They arrested 52-year-old Raymond Causey of Grand Cane, Louisiana for killing three deer; 52-year-old Joe Waddles Junior of Keith, Louisiana for taking two illegal deer; 66-year-old Carl King of Shreveport, Louisiana for illegal possession of deer and 55-year-old Dean Mertes of Polk City for failing to tag a deer and illegally transporting a deer.

The D.N.R. seized 11 guns, eight buck deer heads, hundreds of pounds of meat, an A.T.V., a trailer and other hunting items. The D.N.R. says it is the second time Causey has been charged with poaching deer, as he was charged in 2008 in Cass County. The men were charged civil damages ranging from $3,000 to $25,000.